Legal Assistance Benefit

Professional, in-house, qualified legal advisors are available telephonically on a 24/7 basis to give advice to the caller on any legal topic or matter ranging from debt and divorce to labour and domestic violence.

Incident Location Legal advice and guidance are provided wherever the member requires assistance inside or outside the borders of South Africa but limited to an incident in South Africa only.

Eligible Members Service will be provided to the main member and the main member's immediate family members when legal advice or assistance is required. Prior to rendering any service, membership will be validated in terms of an active membership database. Should it not be possible to verify active membership, the member will be provided telephonic legal advice but referral to a practicing attorney will only take effect once proof of active membership is received.

Condition Additional consultation in excess of the first 30 minutes is arranged between the member and the attorney and paid for by the member.

Key Benefits

Service Providers In respect of the 30 minute free consultation with a practicing attorney, the Classic Loyalty network of legal service providers are all independent contractors. Contractual obligations of the referral attorney are agreed to between the member and the attorney and the Astral Group Emerald 24/7 Helpline is as such not liable for loss, damage or unsatisfactory consultation of the service provider. The Astral Group Emerald 24/7 Helpline will however, make every effort to resolve any dispute that may arise, conditional upon the complaint being received in writing within 10 days of the incident.

Benefits and Limits The service is not limited in terms of number of calls for advice, assistance or referrals per family or per benefit term.

Other Services

Home Assistance Benefit

Emerald Club will obtain quotes from more than one service provider available & make arrangements in terms of the call-out or appointment on behalf of the client. The service includes regular contact with the client & the appointed service provider to ensure client satisfaction to the end.

Teacher Assistance Benefit

Teacher Assistance is telephonic learner support, education and project compilation assistance in all the major subjects. The tutor is to further encourage and assist with projects or homework when the parent is not available or equipped to deal with the child's/student's queries.

Medical Emegency benefit

Free telephonic medical information and advice for minor ailments Evacuation by a fleet of vehicles. Monitoring of the patient's condition and location and messaging to relatives or next of kin on a regular basis until the caller/patient is admitted at a medical facility.

Roadside Assistance Benefit

The service offers 24 hour access to a professional and efficient helpdesk which will assist the caller in the event of a roadside breakdown or when the vehicle is immobile at home. The service entails dispatching of an appropriate service provider and continuous follow-up until the car is driveable or at a place of safety.

Trauma Assistance Benefit

A 24-Hour Trauma Counselling line in the event of any traumatic event such as an accident, hijacking, burglary, rape, the loss of a loved one, unemployment, chronic or life threatening medical condition, disability or domestic violence, etc.

HIV Counselling benefit

This benefit offers members three (3) psychiatric consultations, as well as access to ARV medication within the 72 hour window period in the event of an incident which may have put the subscriber in danger of contracting HIV/Aids.

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